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Our Certified Interpretation Services

When it comes to professional interpretation services, Dictyon LLC employs a rich roster of linguists with extensive experience in various government agencies and private establishments across many international settings. Clients can have their content interpreted to over 100 selected languages in-person or remotely through digital communication or traditional text.

We have experienced interpreters equipped with high levels of training in memory techniques and note-taking skills, which are essential for projects involving consecutive interpreting. Similarly, Dictyon also delivers quality interpretation services for live and scheduled events, delivering immediate results that are specific to your targeted audience.

Our Interpretation Expertise Covers

  • On-site and Remote, audio and video 24/7
  • Sign Language
  • CART
  • Localization
  • 508 Compliance

ASL Interpretation Expertise

Dictyon is proud to offer comprehensive interpretation services for American Sign Language (ASL).

We offer ASL services to deliver important content through visual communication. Using precise facial expressions and clearly understood hand gestures, our team ensures your message gets across even beyond the physical barriers of audience members who have difficulty understanding auditory speech.

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