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Serving Countless Industries Across the Globe

The entire team at Dictyon is proud to be a language services provider to the Defense Department through DLI (Defense Language Institute) as well as contracting for GSA projects.

So, whether your organization is in the technology industry, a construction trade, an international law firm or financial institution, federal or state/local government, academic institution and etc., our experienced linguistic teams will communicate your message in the most effective and culturally appropriate way to your prospective clients overseas.

Client Projects

Legal Projects

From confidential government legal documentation to international corporate communications, Dictyon is a leading provider of legal translations for both public and private sectors. We also serve individuals looking to have legal documents transcribed. Our seamless legal services utilizes our extensive technical experience and our rich network of international linguists to ensure the very highest levels of accuracy and professionalism in every project.

Medical & Pharmaceutical Projects

From individual medical prescriptions to corporate chemicals and drugs, Dictyon understands the importance of 100% translation accuracy in the healthcare field. Medication prescriptions and pharmaceutical documentation often contains abundant use of acronyms, abbreviations, symbols, contractions, dose designations from different systems of measurement, and a myriad of other complex, language-specific details. At Dictyon, we know just how important it is to receive translations you can trust, and our team is always up to the challenge of achieving complete accuracy in the translation of these critical materials.

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