Cultural Immersion

Searching for a Proven Expert in Cultural Immersion Training Before You Make Your Overseas Trip?

Why Is Cultural Immersion Important?

Securing competency in a globalized world can be a daunting task. Communication is the key to the success of any institution or organization – especially when operating overseas.

Exposure to different cultures gives greater depth to communication and true cultural understanding becomes easier when you develop an appreciation for the customs and the achievements of your target audience beyond their own communities. Ultimately, knowing a second language and understanding its culture can give individuals a competitive advantage in the workforce by opening up additional job opportunities.

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    Experience Yields Knowledge

    Our Cultural Immersion training includes an innovative mix of classroom activities and experiences beyond the classroom. At our state-of-the-art language learning facility in Arlington, VA, Dictyon can create simulations of everyday situations in the target country with role-playing activities, guest speakers and customized lesson plans to enhance your language skills. We can also bring clients on engaging field trips to locations related to the language and culture you are learning.

    From foreign embassies and museums to festivals and community gatherings, Dictyon can help you practice your language in real settings and experience the cultural and culinary traditions of the people who speak your chosen language of study.

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