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Translation Expertise You Can Trust

For over 15 years, Dictyon has enjoyed a professional reputation for effective and on time translation services that meet all the individual needs of our clients across the globe. To ensure complete translation accuracy, Dictyon linguists utilize a proven glossary of terms and discuss the translated documents prior to your approval.

Our unique process ensures a consistent translation from the original content into your preferred language. And because we understand that many of our clients work in agile industries with urgent deadlines, Dictyon prides itself on 24-7 translation service and our impressive translation turnaround.

Our Translation Expertise Covers

  • Traditional
  • Translation Memory
  • Machine Translation
  • Voice-to-Content
  • Voice-Over
  • Transcription
  • Data-Mining

Specialty Industry Translations

Across today’s highly connected and global marketplace, it’s important for consumers and other industry professionals to understand products in the medical and pharmaceutical fields. Legal transcripts can also require an acute linguistic understanding. Fortunately, the professional translation experts at Dictyon are always ready to serve.

We’re experienced in providing rapid translation turnaround for industry-specific projects containing high volumes of text, and our highly trained translation teams are supported by editing, proofreading, and desktop publishing resources to achieve complete linguistic accuracy.

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