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Seeking a Reputable Language Training Firm to Improve Your International Communications?

Why Is Language Training so Critical in Today’s Climate?

Modern research indicates that foreign language study enhances both cognitive development and professional success. While it’s no secret that business professionals familiar with more than one language can more effectively communicate across cultures and reach a larger audience, these same individuals have more opportunities to become increasingly effective problem-solvers.

Bilingual businesses enjoy enhanced competitiveness abroad, and individuals with extensive language skills are more attractive to prospective employers. Professionals in a wide range of industries can all greatly benefit from language training, including international trade specialists, overseas media correspondents, diplomats, airline employees, national security personnel, teachers, healthcare providers, customer service teams and much more.

Why Choose Dictyon?

  • Our language specialists will personalize your training by first assessing your learning pace and style.
  • We can guarantee your successful training by assessing your pace in learning foreign languages, then customize a curriculum to accommodate your needs and set goals to target and achieve your language learning expectations.
  • Then we will customize a syllabus with lesson plans to accommodate your needs and set goals to target and achieve.
  • Our unique communicative methodology follows the ILR scale of language proficiency in the areas of Speaking, Reading, Writing and Listening.
  • Our instructors are qualified and experienced native speakers with many hours of training individuals and professionals just like you.
  • Our expert Academic and Supervisory teams will monitor and ensure your progress by evaluating, testing and supporting you all the way to achieving your goal.
  • We provide certified testing that will earn you a Certificate of Language Acquisition.

Why is Cultural Immersion Important?

Cultural immersion is a unique experience that can open doors to a deeper understanding of people and world’s cultures. Whether traveling, relocating, studying abroad or expanding your personal and professional horizons internationally, cultural immersion will help you interact with locals, practice verbal and non-verbal communication, develop positive, respectful relationships and expand your business. Dictyon provides an ideal environment for language learning and culture immersion. To enhance language skills on a deeper level and to learn how locals live their daily lives or conduct their business, our Immersion Program simulates daily activities, business exchanges and cultural experiences from your target country. Dictyon hosts classroom simulations for everyday activities in the target country with role playing, guest speakers, and customized lesson plans. In addition, we organize events that include: shopping excursions, field trips, authentic dining, cultural trips and entertainment.

Our facility:

Dictyon, LLC is a 7,000 square foot Class A office suite located three blocks from the Ballston Metro station in the Rosslyn-Ballston Corridor submarket in Arlington, Virginia. Our property has superior access to Washington DC and Maryland via I-66 and other major Northern Virginia thoroughfares. In addition, we offer use of the building’s gym, lounges and dining areas along a major arterial and easy access to retail, fine or casual dining and public transit amenities.

Our classrooms are fully equipped and designed to serve one-on-one or small group classes in a relaxed, friendly atmosphere that transforms the training into an enjoyable learning experience.

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